Identifying a Quality Boat

When comparing aluminum boats
check the points blow – Point by Point!


Welding the entire hull as one unit, eliminates the undesirable feature of rivets below the water line. And we’ve been welding boats for 40 years! Our unique welding system reduces distortion and residual stresses which continue to perplex other welded boat manufacturers. The unitized hull of the Gregor is shaped for a smooth, dry ride with exceptional stability either at anchor or under way.


A well designed bottom which is carefully produced will yield superb performance and efficiency. By virtue of the specific shape of the bottom, Gregor boat achieves maximum efficiency and performance without resorting to large horsepower required.


The splash rail works in combination with hull shape to help keep passengers and gear dry. Do all boats have them? No! Are they located in the right place? Not necessarily! On a Gregor the splash rail is an integral part of the hull, designed and engineered for maximum deflection of water and spray to keep you and your gear dry, even in rough water.


A smooth, dry, efficient ride requires a properly designed bow. With its clipper bow and wide flaring sides up forward, where it’s most needed, Gregor boats shed water out and away – away from passengers and gear. The sharp bow design attacks the water with less impact and spray.


A properly designed transom contributes to performance and stability. The deep, wide and properly shaped transom of the Gregor boat gives maximum displacement where it is needed most. However, wider is not necessarily better. The proper width coupled with a superior shape is the key to stability and safety without sacrificing performance.


Gregor incorporates into the bottom an integral center keel – a keel one piece with the bottom: the HYDROFLOW KEEL. This hydrodynamic low drag design prevents air from being carried into the propeller for smoother flow through the water, while at the same time contributing to the superb tracking ability of the Gregor.


These areas of the boat must take abuse, wear and tear and at the same time provide the hull with rigidity. At Gregor we utilize extrusions to achieve this end. Not all extrusions are the same. Our extrusions are of our exclusive design and specifications.


For your safety, Gregor designers and engineers personally test each new model. Gregor’s standards for safety are among the highest in the industry. We endeavor to provide you with a boat you can enjoy – a safe and reliable boat – a Gregor Boat.


The structural system should be just that – a system – a fully engineered system – not a series of addons or heavier something-or-others.

Gregor developed and pioneered the use of the Longitudinal Stringer/Transverse Bulkhead System in aluminum boats. In fact we were incorporating this system in our welded boats when the other current welded boat manufacturers were still riveting boats.

This system gives superior structural integrity without adding unnecessary weight. Its shape and location is specifically engineered for each model, resulting in the unparalleled strength and durability of the Gregor.